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Church Committees

The Consistory (church council)

The consistory is made up of 9-12 church members. The consistory is responsible for serving communion during church services, ushering, making policy, serving as a clearing house for staff and board communications, and dealing with any issues that affect the whole church. That includes anything that has to do with the worship space: the sancturary.

Buildings and Grounds

This group is responsible for the maintenance of Friedens 12 acres of land, 4 buildings, parking lot, as well as consult with the Cemetery Board for the care of Friedens’ historic cemetery.  

Cemetery Board

Friedens' cemetery dates back to 1834.  It holds many memories and historic significance for the larger St. Charles, Missouri, community.  The Cemetery Board is responsible to overall maintenance of this valuable resource.  The Cemetery Board's work is a never ending task.  


Evangelism Committee

The Evangelism Committee focuses their attention on getting the word out to the public about Friedens.  They put into motion a variety of activities that help to us solidify a connection with the local and global community.
 Their mission statement is:

To spread the spirit and words of Christ to all.
To welcome all to worship in our services at Friedens UCC.
To encounter Christ in each person by treating all with love, trust, and respect.
To reach out to our greater community and help those in need.



Historical committee

Historical Committee

Friedens has a rich history since 1834. Members of the historical committee are responsible for perserving our historical records and photographs. In addition they continue to add to our historical records as events in the church occur. They are in the process of translating about 100 years of old German records into English to learn about our ancestors walk in faith. We also assist people in genology searches of their families who had attended Friedens.


Chancel Choir

The adult choir is made up of volunteers who love the sound of traditional music. They sing during the traditional service to contribute to the feeling of the traditional experience.


Picture of the praise sound

Praise Sound - Contemporary Music

Praise Sound is filled with energy and flexibility in Christ.  This group of talented volunteers, with the assistance of the staff, leads our contemporary worship service "New Roots".  One moment they are leading the congregation in a thoughtful, quiet song and the next they have the same congregation on their feet clapping to the rhythm of the guitars and drums.  Praise Sound demonstrates their faith by living the belief that God is still speaking the same message but in a different way.


Sound Board Team

The sound board team manages the sound board during all services and special programs.


Worship Committee

Friedens is a congregation of deep-rooted traditions.  However, traditions in the world change from year to year.  The Worship Committee is responsible for organizing the overall worship experience of our church so that God's Word is presented authentically to multiple generations.  This is a daunting task when taking into consideration the speed at which technology evolves and our world "shrinks" due to the speed of communication.  These members have lead the way in producing skits, contemporary music, video and Power Point presentations, and more all with glorifying God as their motivation.




Last Updated: January 20, 2016