Volunteer Opportunities

Friedens is always looking for volunteers in various capicities. Please fill out the form located via the button below to indicate your interest. 

  • Liturgist – The liturgist will read the call to worship and the scripture during the service. Volunteers are on a rotating basis.

  • Usher – The ushers hand out the bulletins and other information at the beginning of the service while they greet people. If an usher notices a visitor they are to give the visitor a Friedens mug and welcome them to our church. They collect the offering during the worship service. They assist people when needed to their seats. They collect prayer cards during the first song. They collect any trash left in the pews after the service.

  • Greeter – Greeters welcome and shake hands with all who enter the church before worship begins.

  • Acolyte –These are youth that light the altar candles and open the altar Bible during the first song in worship. During the last song they light the candle lighter from an altar candle, extingish the altar candles, and close the Bible. They then walk down the aisle bringing the light of Christ into the world.

  • Fellowship Hour – The fellowship hour is after the church service and during the Sunday School hour. Doughnuts are delivered to the church and volunteers set up tables and chairs, brew coffee, bring milk, and juice to serve. After the fellowship hour they wash dishes, wipe down the kitchen, and put the tables and chairs away.

  • Worship Team - This committee works with the pastor and music director to plan worship services by contributing ideas for components of worship including music, videos, skits, and other creative aspects of worship. We also help staff to facilitate special observances and services. We work with evangelism and stewardship to develop mission focuses and worship testimonials from community outreach projects. We help prepare and maintain the physical space for worship.

  • Choir - The choir rehearses every Wednesday at 7:00pm and sings two Sundays a month. September through May.

  • Praise Sound – Leads the congregation in song and performs special music. They rehearse on Wednesdays after choir rehearsal.

  • Musicians – We are always looking for musicians to enrich our musical experience during worship. We especially are looking for guitarists and drummers.

  • Evangelism - Throughout the year they host fundraising events to help those in need both from Friedens and our wider community. They also host social events for the church and wider community.

  • Christian Education -We are in need of teachers and volunteers to help our children learn and grow in their faith.

  • Stewardship/Finance Team - They focus on the time, talent, and treasures of Friedens.

  • Connections Team - Their mission is to promote the Church family through active participation in church ministries; reconnect and strengthen relationships through spiritual growth within the Church.

  • Meal-a-Month display – These volunteers set up the display for our Meal-a-Month charity. This is on a monthly rotating basis.

  • Youth Activities – We are looking for volunteers to help with youth activities. This may be an outing or an activity at church.

  • Funeral Luncheon Helper – This group sets up tables and chairs in the fellowship hall for funeral luncheons and sets out the food for the luncheon, then cleans up afterwards.